Business philosophy

The corporate philosophy of Inter Metals GmbH is very clear. The aim is to establish a connection between the needs and wishes of our suppliers and those of our customers. Inter Metals GmbH is able to do this thanks to the expertise, expertise and direct contact with our customers. We are constantly present in both the local and international markets.

Over the years, Inter Metals GmbH has developed further, among other things through the introduction of ISO 9001 and End of Waste (EOW). process high-quality metals from the recycling chain. These standards have laid the foundation for improving the company’s efficiency.

Another important part is the machinery. In recent years, Inter Metals GmbH has also made the necessary investments here so that our employees can also deliver the performance that is expected of them. Close cooperation with our loyal transporters and forwarders for our exports ensures a fast and correct handling of all our transport movements. Here we basically have the same goal, which is to develop a long-term relationship with our transport partners.

All of the above makes us a reliable and respected partner for many companies around the world.