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of non ferrous

For many years a strong concept

Inter Metals GmbH has been a strong concept within the international metal and recycling industry for many years. With trading partners in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Eastern Europe, India, Pakistan and China, Inter Metals GmbH profiles itself as a strong, reliable partner. With 20 employees, Inter Metals trades 85,000 tons of non-ferrous material annually, 25% of which in South and East Asia.
Grijpmachine Intermetals GMBH

Inter Metals recycles
more than 100 metal types

Why do you choose
Inter Metals?

Fast inspection

The materials are quickly inspected for you by one of our employees

Result within 48 hours

We will send the result and/or findings within 48 hours

Good communication

The communication lines are short within Inter Metals, so communication is good


Am Langenhorster Bahnhof 22C,
48607 Ochtrup, Germany

The Netherlands
Am Langenhorster Bahnhof 22C,
48607 Ochtrup, Germany

3806 Central Plaza 18 Harbor Rd
Wanchai, Hong Kong

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