verwerken van aluminium

  • Taldork

    Briquetted Aluminium Used Beverage Can UBC scrap

  • Tense

    Mixed Aluminium Castings

  • Talk

    Aluminium Copper Radiators

  • Talap

    Old Can Stock

  • Talon

    New pure Aluminium wire and cable

  • Taint/Tabor

    Clean Mixed Old Alloy Sheet Aluminium

  • Talcred

    Shredded Aluminium used Beverage Can UBC Scrap

  • Taste

    Old Pure Aluminium Wire And cable

  • Tassel

    Old mixed Aluminium wire And Cable

  • Taldack

    Densified Aluminium used Beverage Can (UBC) scrap

  • Tall

    E.C. Aluminium Nodules

  • Tann

    New mixed Aluminium Wire and Cable

  • Tarry

    Aluminium pistons

  • Talent

    Coated scrap

  • Testy

    Old Aluminium Foil

  • Twitch

    Fragmentizer Aluminium scrap ( From Automobile Shredders)

  • Tough/Taboo

    Fragmentizer Aluminium scrap ( From Automobile Shredders)

  • Tablet

    Mixed New Aluminium Alloys Clippings and Solids

  • Taldon

    Clean Aluminium Lithographic Sheets

  • Taldon

    Baled Aluminium Used Beverage Can UBC scrap

  • Tabloid

    New Clean Aluminium Lithographic Sheets

  • Take

    New Aluminium Can Stock

  • Tale

    Painted Siding

  • Throb

    Sweated Aluminium

  • Telic

    Mixed Aluminium Borings And Turnings

  • Tepid

    Wrecked Airplane Sheet Aluminium

  • Terse

    New Aluminium Foil

  • Tooth

    Segregated New Aluminium Alloy Clippings And Solids

  • Thirl

    Aluminium Drosses, Spatters, Spillings, Skimmings And Sweepings

  • Teens

    Segregated Aluminium Borings And Turnings

  • Tread

    Segregated New Aluminium Castings forging And Extrusions

  • Twang

    Insulated Aluminium Wire Scrap

  • Twist

    Aluminium Airplane Castings

  • Trump

    Aluminium Auto Castings

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