verwerken van mesing bij intermetals gmbh

Brass scraps

  • Nomad

    Yellow Brass Turnings.

  • Noble

    New Yellow Brass Rod ends

  • Malar

    New Segregated Nickel Silver Clippings

  • Mazor

    New Nickel Silver Clippings And Solids

  • Lake

    Brass Small Arms And Rifle Shells, Clean Muffled (Popped)

  • Lace

    Brass Shell Cases Without Primers

  • Lady

    Brass Shell Cases with primers

  • Lamb

    Brass small Arms and Rifle Shells clean muffled (popped)

  • Lark

    Yellow Brass Primer

  • Night

    Yellow Brass Rod Turnings

  • Niece

    Yellow Silver Turnings

  • Naggy

    Nickel Silver Castings

  • Melon

    Brass pipes

  • Maize

    Mixed New Nickel Silver Clippings

  • Ivory

    Yellow Brass Casting

  • Grape

    Cocks and Faucets

  • Ferry

    Lined Standard Red Car Boxes (Lined Journals)

  • Fence

    Unlined Standard Red Car Boxes (Clean Journals)

  • Erin

    Machinery or Hard Brass Borings

  • Engel

    Machinery or Hard Brass Solids

  • Elias

    High Lead Bronze Solids and Borings

  • Eland

    High Grade Low Lead Bronze Solids

  • Elder

    Genuine Babbitt Lined Brass Bushings

  • Enerv

    Red Brass Composition Turnings

  • Ebony

    Composition or red brass

  • Malic

    Old Nickel Silver

  • Parch

    Manganese Bronze Solid

  • Palms

    Muntz Metal Tubes

  • Pallu

    Aluminium Brass Condenser Tubes

  • Pales

    Admiralty Brass Condenser Tubes

  • Label

    New Brass Clippings

  • Ocean

    Mixed Unsweated Auto Radiators

  • Honey

    Yellow Brass Scrap