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Brass scraps
HoneyYellow Brass Scrap
OceanMixed Unsweated Auto Radiators
LabelNew Brass Clippings
PalesAdmiralty Brass Condenser Tubes
PalluAluminium Brass Condenser Tubes
PalmsMuntz Metal Tubes.
ParchManganese Bronze Solid
MalicOld Nickel Silver
EbonyComposition or red brass
EnervRed Brass Composition Turnings
ElderGenuine Babbitt Lined Brass Bushings
ElandHigh Grade Low Lead Bronze Solids
EliasHigh Lead Bronze Solids and Borings
EngelMachinery or Hard Brass Solids
ErinMachinery or Hard Brass Borings
FenceUnlined Standard Red Car Boxes (Clean Journals)
FerryLined Standard Red Car Boxes (Lined Journals)
GrapeCocks and Faucets
IvoryYellow Brass Casting
MaizeMixed New Nickel Silver Clippings
MelonBrass pipes
NaggyNickel Silver Castings
NieceYellow Silver Turnings
NightYellow Brass Rod Turnings
LarkYellow Brass Primer
LambBrass small Arms and Rifle Shells clean muffled (popped)
LadyBrass Shell Cases with primers
LaceBrass Shell Cases Without Primers
LakeBrass Small Arms And Rifle Shells, Clean Muffled (Popped)
MazorNew Nickel Silver Clippings And Solids
MalarNew Segregated Nickel Silver Clippings
NobleNew Yellow Brass Rod ends
NomadYellow Brass Turnings.