About us



Inter Metals GmbH has been a reference in the international metal and recycling industry for many years. With trading partners in, inter alia, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Eastern Europe, India, Pakistan and China Inter Metals GmbH presents itself as a strong, reliable partner. With 20 employees Inter Metals annually trades 70,000 tonnes of non-ferrous material of which 25% in South and East Asia.

Inter Metals originates from a family business incorporated in 1950 that focused on the local market. However the company quickly expanded. As a consequence in 2000 Martin Titsing and Bert Smeeman joined forces and this resulted in Inter Metals GmbH and Limany Netherlands BV.

The yard of Inter Metals GmbH is located in Ochtrup (Germany) and has a surface area of 20,000 m2 and has been equipped with a double weighbridge, both with a stationary gate detector for the determination of radioactive sources. In addition intensive investments were made in the machinery in order to operate as effectively and efficiently as possible. Hence IM GmbH also disposes of all required permits and complies with all safety and environmental requirements. It is the express wish of the owners to serve the customers of IM GmbH as optimally as possible. Last but not least it is of utmost importance that we offer our employees the tools to perform their duties in the best and safest circumstances as possible.

Quality, loyalty, service and the development of long-term relationships with our customers are the key to the success of IM GmbH. The company is made up of a qualified and broadly oriented team that can meet every wish of any customer wherever in the world, in terms of both procurement and sales. Through its expert and objective oriented work approach IM GmbH manages to implement the wishes of the customers to their full satisfaction.

When it comes to the international aspects the first steps were taken in Asia, in India, where in the course of the years a number of loyal customers were developed. Limany Netherlands BV focuses specifically on the trade to China. Limany holds the AQSIQ certificate that is required to start trading with Chinese partners. To offer our customers in China an even better service, a 100% subsidiary was incorporated in Hong Kong, i.e. Limany Hong Kong Ltd.

Limany Hong Kong has the main objective of maintaining contact with the existing network and simultaneously developing further within the Chinese market. To best meet the demand and supply, Limany Hong Kong Ltd. also has its own export permit for the sales of metals to China. Also as a result hereof every change on the market can quickly and adequately be responded to.

IM GmbH stands for innovation and growth. Not just internationally, IM also continues developing within Europe. To strengthen this growth IM found the ideal partner in the Polish Polcopper. Both companies are 100% complementary, not just geographically but also in their core business. By joining forces they meet the more complex challenges in the present and future business environment even better.

With its many years’ worldwide experience Inter Metals GmbH is a reliable, solid partner. The company continues growing but does not fail to appreciate what has made it a success since 1950: the development of long-term relationships with both the suppliers and the buyers!