Brass scraps
Honey Yellow Brass Scrap
Ocean Mixed Unsweated Auto Radiators
Label New Brass Clippings
Pales Admiralty Brass Condenser Tubes
Pallu Aluminium Brass Condenser Tubes
Palms Muntz Metal Tubes.
Parch Manganese Bronze Solid
Malic Old Nickel Silver
Ebony Composition or red brass
Enerv Red Brass Composition Turnings
Elder Genuine Babbitt Lined Brass Bushings
Eland High Grade Low Lead Bronze Solids
Elias High Lead Bronze Solids and Borings
Engel Machinery or Hard Brass Solids
Erin Machinery or Hard Brass Borings
Fence Unlined Standard Red Car Boxes (Clean Journals)
Ferry Lined Standard Red Car Boxes (Lined Journals)
Grape Cocks and Faucets
Ivory Yellow Brass Casting
Maize Mixed New Nickel Silver Clippings
Melon Brass pipes
Naggy Nickel Silver Castings
Niece Yellow Silver Turnings
Night Yellow Brass Rod Turnings
Lark Yellow Brass Primer
Lamb Brass small Arms and Rifle Shells clean muffled (popped)
Lady Brass Shell Cases with primers
Lace Brass Shell Cases Without Primers
Lake Brass Small Arms And Rifle Shells, Clean Muffled (Popped)
Mazor New Nickel Silver Clippings And Solids
Malar New Segregated Nickel Silver Clippings
Noble New Yellow Brass Rod ends
Nomad Yellow Brass Turnings.